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Choose one dish per category.
Snack selection and petit four are included.
Expand your menu with supplement dishes.

You can add to your base 6-course menu an extra selection of courses from our entire selection, each priced individually.

6 servings
THB 4 200++


all are served

White beer & dark rye bread »kavring«
salted butter, rapeseed oil

Mushroom & miso bouillon
pine & silken tofu



Veal carpaccio
bacon dashi, yuzu kosho aioli & Parmigiano Reggiano

Rainbow Trout
ikura, dill, fennel, miso & mustard emulsion


Cauliflower chawanmushi & morels
yeasted mushroom tea, lime, toasted hay oil & lemon thyme

Asparagus & broccoli
 pistachios, arugula & truffle vinaigrette


Grilled scallops & fermented parsnips
truffle dashi, green onions & walnut oil

Beef consommé & foie gras wontons
scallions, enoki, thyme & ginger oil


Baked turbot & grilled heart of palm 
 tomato, kombu butter & galangal oil

Lightly heated monkfish & leeks
pistachio, curry-caramelized onion & saffron beurre blanc


Chicken »pôche-grillé« & scrambled eggs
truffle, mushrooms, chicken broth & roasted garlic oil

Braised pork cheek & glazed beetroot
Jerusalem artichoke purée & hazelnut vinaigrette


Smoked ice cream »2.0«
 toasted pecans, bitter cacao nibs & salted clove fudge

Lingonberry marshmallow
black currant, licorice mousse & violet


Chef’s sweets selection

Supplement servings

Oyster »63.4c«
spicy pumpkin condiment, smoked cream, finger lime & sea buckthorn oil
THB 250++

French toast
vendace roe, pickled onions & Västerbotten cheese
THB 550++

30g Villa Frantzén caviar “Prestige Selection”
jackfruit & coconut waffles, sour cream & beurre noisette
THB 2 900++


Wine pairing
6 glasses | 75 ml
THB 2 500++

Non-alcoholic pairing
6 glasses | 75 ml
THB 1 500++

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